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Nice Beach Hotel, where you will be impressed by the famous and beautiful beach named "Mae Rum Pung" and many places to visit such as "Baan Pae fresh seafood market" ,"orchard with variety kinds of tropical fruits" , " Ta-Pong fruit market", “Khao Laem Ya National Park", "Rayong Aquarium", "Samet Island",and small fishing village with traditional way of life named "Baan Kon Ao". Sunset can be seen in front of the hotel. Also, you can touch mild grey sand on a very long and wide beach which is suitable for swimming and sunbathing.
"All rooms with small balcony of mountain view or partial sea view. No smoking in rooms and balconies."


If you chose to stay with us you will enjoy modern home comforts in a traditional setting. Whether you are looking for
a short weekend break or a longer holiday, we offer a range of packages that will cater for all.

Superior rooms

Superior mountain view 35 Sqm.
(twin or double bed)

Deluxe rooms

Deluxe (partial) sea view 35 Sqm.
(twin or double bed)

Executive rooms

Executive (partial) sea view 57 Sqm.
(double bed only)


Address: 81/4, Moo 1, Haad Mae Rum Pung, Pae, Muang,Rayong Thailand 21160

Phone: +66 38 652 107 to 8, +66 84 752 7003

Fax: 038-652434

E-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]

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